1. Implementation of User defined new bar shapes:

We can incorporate user recommended bar shape in the BBS preparation software along with formula and other outputs

2. Customization of user preferred output formats:

We can customized user defined output formats as per their internal company standards

On site services

1. We can depute our expert at your office / site in order to implement the complete Rebar Man software system and testing...

2. On site data creation and extracting the reports

3. On site hands on training to the users

BBS preparation

1. We can prepare the BBS using Rebar man capabilities from GFC drawings and submitting the same for client approvals

2. Optimization of rebars and utilization of existing offcut bars

3. Exporting the data to excel format or user defined output procedure

4. Preparation rebar cut & bend tags for on site material deployment.

5. Preparation of detailed rebar placement drawing for easy execution of rebar placement and tying.


We can depute our BBS engineer to supervise the reinforcement placement and tying as per rebar placement drawing.

We can get client approval and provide details explanation of rebar cut & bend length calculation

Our Services

Installation & Training

Online Support


On Site support if required

Project level customization

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